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EVGO discount for California AAA members

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Hadn't seen this until today...

Save more than 10% on standard fast charging rates – and we waive the monthly membership fees (currently $7.99 per month)!

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Has anyone used this new AAA rate to confirm it works?

I'll be using it Saturday, and I'll need to remove my "other" plan as I don't want two active plans in my account and hoping this works out well as a AAA member. Kicker is, there is a AAA location with free charging next door to where I'm going, but the parking lot is closed due to the football game (reason I'm visiting town).
Funny, I have AAA and NEVER got anything about this. They also don't offer a 'Fill up" if I run out of juice here in Massachusetts
I am thinking we have to call evgo to find out.

Also, I bet you could get in that lot if you just explain that you have an EV and HAVE To charge
I wanted to add that I 'think' there are a few evgo chargers that are ALSO EA chargers. So how is all that done ? Anyone know? EA doesn't tell you what you get for the monthly fee other then a "up to 20% discount on per min fee"
I take back the pricing for the EA, glitch on my phone was not letting me scroll down. Sorry about that.

Seems in Mass for EA ( $1 session fee and $0.21/min, Pass+ is $4 month & $0.15/min) then evgo ($7.99 month and $0.27 a min- 29 min free per month, No monthly 30min charge @ $0.31/min.
So I guess it would depend on howmuch you really needed to charge outside the home. Since most EV drivers charge at home because it is cheaper, not faster, you would have to think about how much you want to spend.

Right now I have 4 days off work and went down to 10% left of charge on Wed night @ 6pm. I have not gone anywhere and the Bolt is plugged in here at home on only a regular outside plug. It is now Friday @ 10am and it is at 93%
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Sure, charging at home is great... but in the case I posted about it took 80% of my battery to get to my destination... no way to make it back home, so I had to DCFC so I could return... can't afford to spend 6+ hours sitting in a parking lot until I can barely make it home.

For the record... I did NOT get the free 29 minutes of charging. I charged for 30:25, received 17.280kWh and cost was $9.86 ($0.57/kWh). Billable rate at that charger was $0.31 / minute. Seems like I was billed at slightly more than the billed rate, and certainly didn't get any free minutes with this AAA rate for EVgo.

As a result, I went to a Chargepoint charger later in the day to finish. I received 25.660kWh for $12.09 ($0.47/kWh).
Sorry I don't see the "case you posted about" but did you call Evgo? I wonder what they say. using 80% on a one way trip is a lot and needs a good amount of leg work to figure out charging and such. I always wonder why people Don't get the DCFC on an EV, even if it was just for an occasional usage for long trips.

Not sure where you are located as I know every state is a bit different charge. Looks like you got charged $0.33/min for that first charge you listed as they charge by the minute. I would call them and find out what they say and let us know.

Vertiformed, yes it is more convenient obviously, I didn't list that because well, it's obvious :) Actually for me I only have a regular outlet so not AS convenient but still works great for me
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