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EVgo Victorville

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Just so you know, it does appear that EVgo is listening to customers. I (and a few others) have been complaining to EVgo about the bottleneck created at the Victorville charger when they installed their site in Baker. Well, it looks like they have responded, so say hello to my little new friend Werther.

We now have two combo plugs at the Victorville Mall (both CCS and CHAdeMO). Werther is running at 125 A, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to test Kendra. It looks like she might still be only functioning at 100 A. :(
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A bit of confusion here - "combo" is the connector type that the Bolt uses (full name of standard : Combined Charging System). "Combo 1" and "Combo 2" are the names of the two plug types (for US & Europe, which are different).

It's great news that EVgo added a second dual-standard fast charger, having both CHAdeMO and Combo plugs!! Thanks for the status update / news.
Combo is just short for combined or combination, but yes, people do refer to CCS specifically as a "combo plug." Saying a "combo station" shouldn't be confusing. Maybe it is. I think, technically, EVgo calls these "Freedom Stations," so I guess I could have called them that.

Do you know if EVgo is planning to eventually upgrade all CHAdeMO only stations to dual CCS/CHAdeMO? Did you request that they upgrade the Victorville station to CCS? There is an EVgo station in Hagerstown, MD that has a CCS/CHAdeMO station and a CHAdeMO only station. That EVgo station is the western-most EVgo station in MD, and is a critical stop for anyone trying to get to go further west without relying on slow L2 charging, be it Deep Creek Lake or beyond. If someone is using the single combo station, that leaves anyone else SOL till that person is done charging. There are 4x Chargepoint CCS stations a few miles down the road, but I figure EVgo would prefer people use their stations.

There really needs to be another fast charging station installed somewhere between Cumberland and Deep Creek Lake, MD in order to make travel to Western MD easier. I don't think I would be able to make a trip to western MD during the winter with CCS stations only with the current charging setup.
I did specifically ask EVgo, but it wasn't just me. They have been making an effort to upgrade their sites. I don't know how they are prioritizing locations, but they are doing it.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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