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Failed "Off Board Charging Module"?

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Last week we got the orange car with exclamation point/mark warning light on our 2017 Chevy Bolt. When I checked the MyChevy App, it informed me that we had an issue with the Lithium Ion Battery and that it needed to be taken in for service. Our local Chevy dealer service department (which replaced the EV battery last year under the battery fire recall) told us that the problem was the "Off Board Charging Module" [Off-Board Charger Control Module] which they would replace once the parts came in (in a couple weeks). But that's all the detail they had for us. Has anybody else had this issue? Did you get any more details on this failure? They said we could continue to drive the car while we waited for the replacement and that we wouldn't be charged for the repair.
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I'll be watching this one. Have a 2017, though I seldom DC-charge it. Should be covered under the remaining 8/100K warranty for the "hybrid system" parts.

Does raise a question for the systems people, though. Is this module in the battery, and therefore part of the recall process? And if it's a separate module, is there a way to adapt it to 2-way charging of a house?
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