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Originally expected last Friday, the first ever production ready Tesla Model 3 with serial number 001, has rolled off the assembly line at the automaker’s Gigafactory in Nevada, US.

According to the timestamp on a few of Elon’s Tweets, Unit 1 was built last Saturday and he has published two pictures of this momentous occasion.

Now that the first vehicle has been completed, production of the Bolt EV competitor should ramp up with an estimated 100 cars produced in August. September will see an even greater jump to more than 1500 cars before hitting the 20,000 per month mark starting from December.

After Tesla revealed the Model 3 concept last spring, they’ve confirmed that around 373,000 reservations have been taken. Though Tesla has not released an updated number since then and around 8,000 reservations were cancelled, that’s still a lot of electric vehicles the Gigafactory needs to churn out.

The first 30 customers will be taking the keys to their new Model 3s at a handover party on July 28. For all the other Model 3 reservation-holders who are hoping to start choosing the color and features of their Model 3s, the configuration page will not be online until after the handover event has concluded.
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