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After 8 years and 120k+ miles of EV driving without benefit of DCFC or 100 mile range, today that will change.

As a car the Fit EV was almost everything I needed. The Bolt is dimensionally (and spiritually) so close to the Fit EV as to be interchangeable, except for 3 things. DCFC, a battery more than 3 times larger, and I can keep it.

As I emptied the Fit EV, I filled a box with 46 pounds of charging equipment. My trusty OpenEVSE L2 "charger", extension cords, adapters, Instructions and signs on charging etiquette, a multimeter, temperature probe, and tools to deal with the unexpected. A folding chair, headphones, an umbrella, and a hat for sunny/rainy day adventures while charging.

That box will not make it to the Bolt.

Between 200+ mile range, PlugShare, EVgo, and ChargePoint, I don’t expect to have to rewire anything to keep the Bolt moving. I won’t be logging dozens of statistics on each drive and charge cycle, or MacGyvering old smart phones to fashion ODBII data hacks to get battery info. After 8 years I expect it to just work. Not “can I drive electric?” but “why can’t everybody drive electric?”. That is the new experiment.

Ordered March 15, Delivered May 31st. Kinetic Blue Premier with Ceramic and Infotainment options. Purchased, not Leased, from Rydell (a good experience).


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