Nokian Hakkapelitta R3 - 205/65R15 mounted on black steel 15” x 8” rims to fit Chevy Bolt

I bought these for the first winter I owned my Bolt, in a place that gets over 100” of snow per year, and these are rated as the best. I paired the tires with black steel wheels for easy swapping, and paid over $1050 total, just before Thanksgiving 2021. I drove them around our small town only, no road trips, until late January 2022, putting less than 1,000 miles on them.

The smaller 15” wheel size gives “more rubber” for a better ride over winter potholes and ice ruts. The tires are a bit narrower than stock as well, which can help with snow and ice traction. They are almost exactly the same diameter as the stock tires, and they fit on our 2021 Bolt great. I was going to get rim covers but the black ended up looking sharp.

I had bought these intending to either wait for the battery fix for our Bolt from GM, or get a swap into a replacement Bolt. In the end, given where we live, when we had the chance instead to swap into a different vehicle that’s better for where we live, we decided to take it. Unfortunately for us, that means we can’t use these almost-brand-new tires. You can even see some of the red ink strip from the manufacturer still on the tire.

So we’re asking $125 a piece for the near-new Nokian’s mounted tire on steel rim, with TPMS. That’s well less than half of what we paid, but it‘s nearing the end of winter and we don’t have enough room for all the tires + rims.

If you’re on the east coast shipping may be expensive, but for anyone in and around the Mountain west it should be reasonable. We are near Boise ID, and could meet there for someone who is a serious buyer.