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Front License Plate Holder Woes

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Thought I'd see what others thought. My car came without the front license plate holder installed, the sales person just stuck the holder and hardware in the trunk. Now that our plates have come, I went to the dealer to see if they'd attach the holder for us.

They can't tell me until I take the car in for an appointment if they will charge me to attach this or not.

My question is, did your Bolt come from the dealer with the front license plate holder attached? Should I expect it to, or for the dealer to cover the cost to attach it? To me it seems silly that I'd have to pay for this. I'd do it myself but don't have a riveter at home.

Also, how many out there are deciding to drive without the front plate? In CA we need it by law, but it sure looks ugly on the Bolt, in my opinion. A casual look at traffic in my neighborhood reveals a surprising number of drivers without front plates, so how likely is not having a front plate to be an issue, do you think?

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thanks to this forum, I was able to call the dealer and instruct them to not install it. felt like I dodged a bullet there. My state doesn't require a front plate and I have holes in some of my other automobiles where I've removed the holder.
Many (most?) modern toll roads photograph the license plates instead of using transponders. LEO can also identify vehicles as they move *towards* them, in traffic. Automated systems that LEOs use to scan for license plates and cross-check for unresolved offenses can use them, too.
Colorado toll system still found me with my out of state car with only a rear plate. LEO? pretty sure you don't mean low earth orbit.
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