Hi Folks! Fire dept. did it’s annual inspection of our condo bldg. Complained that lots of owners are storing stuff inappropriately in the garage. So, I’m having a “FIRE SALE”.

-Chevy Cruze ECO rim(used), I have two bare rims – 125 bucks, each.
-Chevy Cruze ECO rim(used), with General Tire Altimax 365AW All-Weather 215/50R17(used tire). This is my full spare tire set-up. I’ve had it inside the trunks of a 2017 Bolt Premier, 2021 Bolt Premier and a 2022 Bolt EV 2LT. So, I’m going to assume it will fit all Bolt trunks from 2017-2024. Don’t know about the EUV models. 180 bucks.
-Michelin ENERGY SAVER A/S - 215/50R17(used tire), came off a 2021 Bolt that GM bought back. Car had around 2K miles, at the time I took off tire. This model has self Seal tech - as seen in one of the photos(brown goo inside). 85 bucks.

-S10 scissor jack(used). 40 bucks.
-2021 Floor mats(new), should fit all EVs from 2017-2024. 40 bucks.
-Front license plate bracket by STO N SHOW(new). Listed for 2017-2019; pretty sure it fits other years. 50 bucks.

Please note that even though I advertised all of these – I can’t sell all of them. I still need to have a full spare set-up. In other words – I can’t sell you all 3 rims – because that will leave me with no spare to use. So once 2 rims sell – I’ll cancel the sale of the last one. Same goes for the tires – can’t sell both. All items are from a non smoking household. Also we like pets; but we don't have any.

Meetup in New York City(Manhattan), weekends. Northern New Jersey(Hudson & Bergen counties), weekdays. Don’t have pics of some items; currently in the office. Will upload more photos when I get home. I’ll also add more Bolt related items later; 3D Maxpider mats, S10/Blazer scissor jacks, OEM front plate brackets, etc.