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FS in Los Angeles: broken AeroVironment (AV) level 2 EVSE - the ubiquitous one

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Have an AV charger that served me well for several years - then stopped working. Replaced it with a Clipper Creek, and all is well.

If anyone wants the EVSE for parts (connector/wires are all good, etc.) then I have it for $45 in Los Angeles - shipping is definitely not worth it. It's the hardwire version, not the plug-in.

Looks like this one:

Let me know,
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Mmmn... good question. Unfortunately, it was a while ago, and the unit is the hardwired one, not the plug-in, so I can't easily test it. I don't recall the nature of the malfunction - I am familiar with the diagnostic flashes on other things (OBD1 on older Volvos), and don't ~recall~ seeing flashes, so it MIGHT have been the trouble light - but it's been a while and I really didn't allocate that to long-term memory - sorry!
Sorry, that would be the shipping cost, and regardless I'm not dealing with shipping. Wish you were local though!
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