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Fun full review of the Hyundai Ioniq 5

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Came across this review on YouTube and was quite impressed by the upcoming Ioniq 5. Certainly a larger and more expensive EV than the Bolt, but will certainly give Tesla a run for its money by the looks of it.
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Alex's friend did this review.

Oh, charge port is passenger right - like Tesla.
They are not pulling much power from the car's onboard inverter. I believe you would see probably 1500 watts, at 120 volts in the US. Sadly, no better than what folks pull from their 12 volt batteries with aftermarket inverts now.
Isn't the V2L up to 3.6 KW and allows L2 16A charging of another EV? I wonder if this is limited by the adapter,.
Ioniq 5 recall - already!

Agree, the opening sunroof is the worst idea ever; reduces chassis rigidity, often leaks, drains plug, rattles, operating mechanism fails; worse, it's almost impossible to find and maintain an angle to the sun which when open is pleasant. The fixed glass roof is the second-worst car idea ever. I, also, would pay extra not to have either of those in my vehicle.

jack vines
I ordered the ID.4 Pro instead of the Pro S because Pro does not have the glass roof. In the SW, having a window on the top just means a hotter car in the summer.

Must get the upper trim to get the 360 camera... Boo!
1 - 7 of 50 Posts
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