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Gel seat pad insertion 2020 premiere

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First I'm not recommendeding that everyone should do this mod because I'm not even sure if I'm keeping it. [:::EDIT::: 3 week review below :::/EDIT:::] But if someone else want to do it this is how I made my seat and my ride WAY more comfortable.
I bought this gel pad to try out on top of the seat and it made a world of difference. SUPTEMPO Gel Seat Cushion, Office Chair Cushion, Double Thick Breathable Honeycomb Design with 2 Non-Slip Cover, Cooling seat Cushion for Home Office Computer Desk Wheelchair to Relief Sciatica Pain : Office Products
Not only was sitting more comfortable on my but but when I hit bumps on the road it added an extra layer of suspension. I never realized how directly my butt was attached to the road, which is great if you're racing but not if you're commuting. I could feel the seat bouncing on road seams it made me smile.
The down sides and there are many.
The cushion makes me 3/4" taller which at 6' put the rearview mirror even more in my line of sight.
It also made the head rest hit my head in a worse spot which made both of which made me hunch over on my first drive.
I figured out that I could lean the seat further back to fix both problems but that aslo put the B pillar right next to my head.
The big one is that the seat cushion kept sliding around as I was getting in and out of the car.
But the ride was so much better that I figured I'd shove it in the seat. I was toying with idea of adding air-conditioning to the seat already so I was thinking a lot about opening the seat up. The silicone "gel" latice is a soft layer it needs to go on top of the dresser foam already present. Most people have put dense foam between the springs and the seat foam but the springs would tear up the silicone "gel".
Unclipping the leather under the seat sucked as much as everyone said. In hindsight pulling the seat would have made things easier but that is also really hard.
Under the car seat cover is some sort of bar that puses into plastic clips embedded in the foam. Opening those clips took a lot of finger strength and I'm sure professional upolsterers would know the name of them and have the right tool to make it easier. I had to pull 3 lateral rows and two vertical rows. I pried the plastic u shaped clips apart with my fingernails while pulling up on the cover. I reaches up from the back with the seat and the back tilted all the way back. Again this would have been easier if I unhooked and unbolted the seat from the car.
Then I put the new pad above the seat heater which means I probably loose that perk but I live in Florida so it's not a big loss.
I put the clips back under the seat it took a lot of finger strength.
Having the new layer under the leather has been mostly great it still shifts around a little under the cover but it's still much more comfortable than the stock seat.


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It's been several weeks now and I've gotta say I don't think I can go back. My seat has never been better. I've managed to find a comfortable spot between leaning the seat back moving it forward and moving the headrest down to it's lowest position. It's like sitting a pillow that doesn't go flat. It's awesome and amazing and I'm moving forward with my plan to add air flow (AC?) to the seat.
Also I'd like to have a little chat with the design and engineering team for the headrests down in interrogation room #4. I'm 6' tall and using the headrest at it's lowest setting, did they design this seat for basketball players?
Do I recommend doing this mod on your car?... Oh man that's a hard question it made a lot of things better but it was a full pain in the butt to do. If you feel like you have the physical dexterity to do it then yes, go for it.
It's been almost a year and I can't imagine going back this was a great mod.
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