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This is a hard one to pick sides. For one the EV incentives had catapulted Georgia into the number 2 spot for EV ownership (Atlanta is the LEaf's top market) and pulling them will certainly impact those numbers, but on the flip side the incentive was abolished in order to improve falling apart infrastructure...

But this year, Georgia lawmakers needed to raise nearly $1 billion to patch up crumbling roads, highways, and bridges. So they are pulling the plug on that $5,000 tax credit — a move budget analysts say will contribute $66 million to the state's coffers in 2016 and nearly $190 million by 2020.
Vice news and other left tinted publications are absolutely incredulous over this news, but to them I ask this. What good is an EV without roads to travel on?

But it gets worse for electric vehicle (EV) boosters. Legislators are adding a $200-a-year annual fee for owners to offset the loss of gasoline taxes that drivers would otherwise pay to maintain roads.
Also equally fair IMO. The argument often levied against cyclists is that they don't pay into maintaining the roads so therefore they have no right to the road... well isn't the same logic applicable to EV's?

"I'll probably get a Mini if there's no tax credit," she said. "I just don't think it would be worth purchasing if it weren't such a really good deal."
On the flip side why is VICE upset that artificial consumption has been stopped? Artificial consumption only serves to injure the segment, it gives a false sense of security and superiority, but when your user base is only interested in the deal not the technology, that says something about the product.

A blessing in disguise, EV's need to be able to stand on their own before people buy them for being EV's and not just 'a really good deal.'
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