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Getting a New Battery?

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I called Chevrolet for the new seat belt restrainer thing (recall) to be fixed and was told that my car should be getting a new battery too due to the fire risk recall. What a surprise that was!

I have 46k on my 2021 and it's flawless.

A new battery would basically make it a new car!

Anyone want to share any tips or heads up about the process?
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I am very interested so I will be looking at the details.

Thank you much.

I am hoping the new battery is just as "good" as what I have in terms of charging capacity, etc.

Have yet to receive a call from the service manager to schedule a time and I imagine that may take some time. I don't know what incentive a dealership has to change battery on a car they've already sold...
The consensus seems to be that the software updates GM applies when the pack is replaced results in maybe a little more conservative charging profile.

My experience with a 2018 is that while the slowdown on DCFC started at ~55% on the old pack, it starts close to 50% now. But the old charging profile on the older Bolts like mine took big step-downs and now it only drops in 1kW increments so more of a curve. Overall, DCFC times are probably not significantly different.

How that relates to the newer models, I couldn't say from experience but the charging profile should be the same on all model years now since we all have the same pack chemistry and capacity now.
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