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Getting a New Battery?

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I called Chevrolet for the new seat belt restrainer thing (recall) to be fixed and was told that my car should be getting a new battery too due to the fire risk recall. What a surprise that was!

I have 46k on my 2021 and it's flawless.

A new battery would basically make it a new car!

Anyone want to share any tips or heads up about the process?
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The consensus seems to be that the software updates GM applies when the pack is replaced results in maybe a little more conservative charging profile.

My experience with a 2018 is that while the slowdown on DCFC started at ~55% on the old pack, it starts close to 50% now. But the old charging profile on the older Bolts like mine took big step-downs and now it only drops in 1kW increments so more of a curve. Overall, DCFC times are probably not significantly different.

How that relates to the newer models, I couldn't say from experience but the charging profile should be the same on all model years now since we all have the same pack chemistry and capacity now.
My '22 EUV with new battery seems to start slowing down a little past 50%. It looked very gradual from what I saw on our road trip a few months ago. I don't have time or need to video the process since I haven't used a DCFC since early November, but it looks like yours works the same as mine from what I saw.
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