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Ok, got the car back from the dealership for the 2nd time and after sitting in "normal" seats (had a GMC Terrain) for a couple days and then hopping back on top of the seats in my Bolt it became clear that I need to do something about it. Within a couple minutes my left leg started feeling numb and my ribs were getting squished. Over time the padding in the bottom of the seat broke in and my butt sinks deeper into the bottom, putting more pressure on the side/bottom of my left buttock? I dunno. It sucks.

I could try to stuff some more padding into the base so I don't sink in as far, might help a bit, but I'm already feeling like the super thin padding on the backrest is breaking in too and I'm noticing the hard plastic beneath it more. This isn't going to go well long-term.

The last time I had the car in I took a pile of measurements off of the seat in the loaner car ('16 Cruze). The bracket design is similar but the track spacing is off by about 1/2" (too large). The other issue with the Cruze seats is that they provide the outboard seat-belt mount where in the Bolt it's mounted to the chassis. I didn't bother measuring up the Terrain seats.

I'd originally hoped to use seats from another similar vintage GM product so that things like airbags and seat occupancy sensors would be compatible and hopefully plug and play, but from what I've read on the subject even changing one part for another of the same part no. will still trigger airbag warning lights with the system requiring a reset to accept the new part (even though it's the same).

With that in mind I got to thinking about my wife's '15 VW Jetta Trendline. I love the seats in that car. Not terribly supportive (laterally) but very comfortable for me. I recently did 48hrs in those seats over three days without any complaints. I looked at them more closely, and while the track width is a good 1" wider than the Bolt, I think that would work out very well as there's plenty of room on the outboard side for a wider footprint and a simple flat plat bolted to the floor in the old pattern and into the seat rail of the new seat would adapt the two foot prints. For the inboard side I would use the front hole as the datum for everything, then drill a new hole in the longer VW track to match the mounting point in the Bolt chassis. Importantly the VW seat also does not provide the outboard seatbelt mount, and it mounts the inboard seatbelt in a very similar fashion. It also in has the same seatback airbag position. The seat is overall a bit larger but looks like it should just fit in the available space. Lastly that exact car has been out for a couple years, so it shouldn't be TOO hard to find that particular seat set for a reasonable price.

With all that being said, I think I'm going to try to find some time in the near future to pull the seats out of each car and do a quick and dirty test fit to see if they're as compatible as I think. After that it would be a matter of finding new (probably used) seats, swapping airbags, seat occupancy sensors, and seat heaters from the Bolt seats to the new VW, fabricating an adapter plate for the track mounts, and reupholstering.

With all that being said, I'd appreciate any input from anyone who's torn into modern seats and has any experience with the electronics in there, particularly the seat occupancy sensor. Will update as I gather more info.
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