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GM "accepting orders".

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A couple weeks ago I ordered a Bolt EUV and GM has not "accepted" the order as yet. I looked on the forum here and saw that people have waited 5 months plus to have their orders "accepted" by GM. That is utterly ridiculous in this day and age with the technology that is available. It is definitely making me rethink my purchase.
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This is not a scheduling problem or a problem with technology. The term “accepted” means your dealer is given an allocation to have an order get moved to production. When it’s not accepted, it’s still in the system but just waiting in line. It’s a supply and demand issue.

It’s been well documented here and in other places that if you want your order faster, you need to find a dealer with high allocations and low order lines. Or just travel to a low demand state where dealers will have them available.
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