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GM "accepting orders".

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A couple weeks ago I ordered a Bolt EUV and GM has not "accepted" the order as yet. I looked on the forum here and saw that people have waited 5 months plus to have their orders "accepted" by GM. That is utterly ridiculous in this day and age with the technology that is available. It is definitely making me rethink my purchase.
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And if GM does not give the dealer an allocation, the order is not accepted. I'm fearing this possibility with my order. I'm next in line at the dealership, but they haven't had a Bolt (EV or EUV) order accepted since December. If GM is overwhelmed with fleet orders, then I wonder about my order being accepted . . . ever.
For some time now, I've been reporting car carrier sightings on major routes and storage yards. The last 3 weeks, I've seen none anywhere. None on dealer lots either. I think fleet orders are taking over right now. We might soon see truckloads of all Summit White EVs.
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