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And thus ends the saga of our little adventure starring two 2017 Chevy Bolts.

Bolt #1-

This car was a lease. Three years of totally trouble free driving. Replaced tires replaced and the wiper blades. Returned at the end of the lease. Still getting notices from On Star about this VIN. I don’t own it, I never did. I leased it for three years, and the confluence of the dealer, GM and OnStar has yet to figure it out that it’s been out of my hands for almost 6 months. [I returned it to another dealership]

Bolt #2-

We put $500 down on this vehicle at a dealership on January 11, 2021. At the end of this meeting we were informed that we could not take delivery on the vehicle because of the recall. So, we decided that we would play GM’s chess game, and hope they would honor the terms of the sale - $16995 for a 2017 Bolt with 8200 miles on it. This would be our third electric vehicle. We weren’t scared by the recall one bit. It was one **** of a winter as a one car family however. That vehicle, a 2013 Honda CRV is probably good for 300,000 miles, though we only have 85K on it. It is also the only ICE Machine we have, as our yard tools are 100% electric.

There was a bit of intrigue in March as we saw a 2021 advertised for 19 K at a dealership in Northern Virginia. Conclusion: the crap the dealers post on CarGurus to get you in the door is generally unadulterated bullshit. I laughed and then left as they told me I could get that vehicle for 31K.

Then, we test drove a VW id4 in April. Super nice ride, but the test drive was definitely on child mode as I think my 64 Rambler would’ve done a better quarter mile time.

So, the week of my 65th birthday, our salesman for Bolt #2 calls us and tells us to come pick up the car Saturday morning, my **** birthday.

**** of a birthday present. 5K down, the balance on a 0% 72 month loan. The payments are under $200 a month.

I do want to see GM prosper and become the major player we know they all can be in this new emerging EV market. I think we made a good choice. The software fixes must be rather legit, as this battery comes up on the GOM as if it were brand new.
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