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GOM History

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As I understand it, the GOM’s estimate of how many miles you are getting per KWh is constantly updated as you drive. And the little line to the left of the GOM tells you whether the estimate is increasing or decreasing. But how far back does that estimate go? The last 100 miles? The last 10KWh? From observation I assume that it is not a very long “history” but not a reflection of my driving this instant. Does anyone know?
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It only seems to go back a day or so IMO.
We drive our Bolt in two distinctly different ways: short errands around town and long highway trips every few weeks. Around town there is a lot of preheating/cooling and stop-start so the consumption is ridiculously high. So when we start out on a 300km highway trip the GOM says we won't make it. After an hour or so it has usually figured it out. I have occasionally even seen the guesstimated range increase while driving, but usually it just goes down much more slowly than it should for the distance covered. On the return leg, it's usually pretty close. My guess is it's using a rolling average over about 100km or an hour driving or something. There aren't any really large elevation changes around here, so I don't know how that play into things.
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