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Got screwed again...

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Second time in the last 3 months I managed to get a screw in the tire (see picture). The tire started to deflate fairly quickly. Stopped, reinflated tire. Couldn't visually find the screw. Air still going down. Stopped again, found the screw, removed it and pumped to about 40 psi. Drove for about 10 km., stopped, let some air out to correct pressure and then drove on. So far so good with pressure holding. The trick seems to be to remove the object put air in, drive a while and that allows the goo in the tire to seal it up. Works like a charm though I don't want to keep testing this technology!


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...and as I always say in these threads, a tire plug can usually permanently fix the puncture in less time than it takes to change a tire or for a tow to arrive. Certainly faster than driving to a tire shop and waiting for them to service the tire (and make up reasons why you need to purchase a new tire or set of tires).

Don't know why anyone would go without a $2 kit.

Regarding games salesmen play, I have no patience for them. If a tire shop told me I needed to buy a new tire, I'd tell them that if they don't know how to patch a tire, I'd take it to someone competent enough to do it, and they will return the car to me in the condition in which I gave it to them.
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I said to the advisor it was a run flat, and laughes as I said it was going flat.
He might have laughed because you do not have a run flat tire, which is a tire designed to be driven on with zero air pressure.

I'm surprised a dealer would use a plug, as I always see tire shops using patches from the inside. For some reason plugs are not considered permanent repairs in the industry.

Maybe the next generation of EVs can use the immense power stored in the battery to energize four electromagnets hanging ahead of all tires to pull up any foreign steel and iron materials, such as screws and nails, before they puncture the tires.
I've wondered if DOT vehicles could just have rare earth magnet bars attached to the front to pick up ferrous debris. The problem is that you still need to be fairly close to the object for it to pick it up, and there's plenty of debris like tire carcass that could rip such a device off. Maybe electromagnet is the way to go.
Center tread puncture is perfect. About a 3min plug job if you wanted to. Since I'm crazy frugal, I'd probably run it at least all summer to enjoy the efficiency benefits of worn tires, and only replace them in the fall if the car was hydroplaning too much. Heck, I'm so cheap I'd probably run those another 2 years.
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Even quicker than the 3min plug job I was on about.
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