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Hello Bolt folks! miked1541 from Los Angeles (metro area)

Lots of firsts for me here. My first post, first brand new car (previous were all second hand), first electric vehicle, etc. I am on day 5 of owning my 2017 Chevy Bolt EV (premier, Nightfall Grey Metallic.) This is my daily commuter (26 miles round trip on surface streets) and grocery getter. I'm not really a car guy, but I was drawn to the vehicle's technology. Yes, I am a geek.

Some initial questions/observances:

  1. Do the brake lights turn on after lifting off the accelerator when driving in "L" mode or using the coaster brake? How soon do they turn on? My concern is slowing down too fast for tailgaters/cellphone users/distracted drivers.
  2. It looks like some parts are missing in my trunk. I only see a charger and the tow hook. It looks like the styrofoam has cavities for other accessories. There is no tire inflater/tire goop(?) What parts should come standard in the trunk?
  3. Is 8 amps the lowest setting for charging at 110? How long does it take at this rate from empty to full charge?
  4. I can't seem to configure the MyChevrolet app with my phone (Android.) The phone can connect via bluetooth, but keeps disconnecting. It looks like this is common.
  5. I dig the blue accent lights that outline the dashboard. Can these colors change? I'm thinking of adding more ;)
  6. I thought I would feel cramped, but that is not the case for me as well as my passengers.
  7. It's fun to drive a small car again :)
So far, I am enjoying the driving and the features! There is still much for me to learn and I'm just eating it all up!

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