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Hail Damage

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I wasn't sure where to post this, so sorry if it's in the wrong section.
Has anybody had experience with extensive hail damage? My car was outside my friend's house during a freak hail storm. The hood, roof, and A pillars are loaded with little dents.
I submitted a claim with my insurance, and I will also be getting an independent estimate to compare numbers. Do you think they will total it? KBB trade in value for my car is $27,000. Wisconsin's total loss threshold is 70% of the value.

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You will need to replace the hood. Not worth the cost of PDR on it and it may also not be possible. I have not checked but it may be aluminum and that cant have PDR.

Totaling out a hail damaged car happens often. You can search auction sites for hail damaged cars.

If they do total the car ask what the buyback amount is. May be a very good deal to buy it back and fix it yourself or sell it to someone that does not care about the damage.
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I honestly would sell it to carvana, and not mention the damage, leave the car a little dirty and sell it to them and buy a new bolt. Why raise your insurance?
You mean other than the dishonesty of selling a car without disclosing known damage and expecting someone else to pay for it.
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It's only damage if you think its damage,
Your Honor, I don't think it was murder so you shouldn't either.

On top of that dealers should be doing reconditioning anyways and that often times involves PDR.
Really. You expect a dealer to take a car on trade with damage they were not expecting but expect them to repair the damage at their cost?

When I worked at the dealer we had an pdr/touch up guy that would come bi weekly.
Ah, now I understand. You worked at a car dealer so you automatically expect the rest of the world to behave with the same ethics as a dealer. Got it.

Oh, and your Avatar is inappropriate.
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Also, Archer is great. There, I said it.
I wholeheartedly agree. One of the best shows ever. But I don't use graphic avatars for my profile.

@TheBlackStig I completely understand your point of people trading in cars because they have issues. My issue is you advising someone on a public forum to potentially hide known damage on a car to a buyer that would have to go to non trivial expense to obtain the car not knowing it was damaged.
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It's not graphic, it's a cartoon. Furthermore I don't have a avatar, this forum much like other vertical scope owned forums pulls data from my email which has been associated with my Google e-mail since that episode was released. You're the first person over several thousand posts & several forums to say something.

You're not hiding anything, not mentioning something is not hiding. Because somethings especially cosmetic may not bother people until you mention it. We were never discussed selling it private party it was getting sold to what is essentially a public wholesaler. I dobut you've ever been to a wholesale auction, but cars are sent there for a reason and are meticulously graded.

Now in your defense If I said "take some body filler, fill the dents, and plastic dip the car to hide body damage" or my favorite "fill the rust holes around the fender arches with expanding foam, shape it so it looks like fender flares, and then put bed liner over"....

That would 100% be dishonest.

Regardless this is way offtopic and but pointless so let's agree to drop it.
I have worked IT for a large local auto auction. They ran everything through from complete POS cars to perfect luxury cars. They ran the auction every friday and serverec hamburgers to everyone that was there. A well run auction company makes money hand over fist. I also followed salvage auctions on and off for the last few years. I understand the game and don't think I hold any love for dealers either.

Thank you for updating you avatar settings. I usually have the forum up on one of my screens and never know when my kids will wander in and they are very quick to notice things.
Update - My estimate included a combination of PDR and traditional body shop labor. I'll be getting a new hood and roof. The other surfaces will be PDR. $12,300 was the estimate. I'm glad insurance is paying to have it fixed.
That is a lot of hail damage. If it was any other market they might total the car and you could get a new one. I assume these are factory new GM parts for the hood and roof?
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