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Had a friend that would do CW while driving, had a bug strapped to his leg. I've never been that hard core, and likely couldn't carry on a CW conversation today if my life depended on it. The radio install looks great, but did you really roof mount an antenna? I can't fathom drilling a hole in my roof. There's plenty of good mounts that don't require a hole. I recognize it's the best place for it, but I just can't do it. :D

You get the best ground plane up there for transmit distance. Sure, you could use a mag mount (which will scratch up your roof) and achieve similar performance, but then you have to snake the cable down into the cabin which then leaves it exposed to the elements and chafing wherever it enters.

Pros and cons to both methods; I think drilling the NMO mount into the roof is the cleanest, strongest install method. But to each their own.
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