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Has anyone painted their lower black trim to match the body color?

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I just ordered a 2023 Blue EUV Premier and I am seriously thinking of painting the black lower and rear trim as soon as I get it to match the body color and wondered if anyone else had done that and would be willing to share their experience and a photo of their car?
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Waste of time I think. Very hard to paint it, won't be easy to match. Too rough for wrap. Guess you could try.
3d print if you have huge printer?
To paint you'll have to get all silicone and wax and oil off. Then find a primer that will stick and might have to add in elastomiser. Then paint with elastomiser add.
I was angry when they started to put that plastic junk along the road edge. One Chevy truck called it armor. Yes, in a way it is cheap protection against rock chips in paint. The dents in plastic aren't seen as much.
I was drawn to the BMW i3 as it had all sorts of new tech like no metal outside parts and carbon fiber frame and such. Never tried to let a cab hit it. :)
Some types of plastic just can't be painted.
Dealer broke my cheap plastic trim. Took another week for that. Guess they didn't buy tools. I might try to paint the old parts.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts