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Hi all,

I've lurked here for a while, this is my first post. Bought my 2018 Bolt this past fall. So far, a pretty good car. 6500 miles on the odometer.

One strange problem has happened, and its reoccurred enough times to start driving me nuts. I don't see other reports and wanted to check in to see if I'm missing something before I go to a dealer: It appears that the environmental system is a bit possessed or has a life of its own...

The system always does OK in "auto" mode or with Heat/AC on. For efficiency and range reasons sometimes I want to NOT have the heater come on. I am in coastal California, so we have cool weather but not blustery cold. Above freezing. So imagine the following scenario:

Heat/AC: OFF
Auto mode: OFF
Temp control... shouldn't really matter, but set to 70 degrees.
Recirc OFF
Fan on (1-2)
Air set to come out upper-body facing vents, or windshield, or both.

What do I want? Just a little fresh air from the outside to keep the windows from fogging up. Without heat or AC.

In this circumstance, usually, the car complies with what I want. On several commutes now, I have noticed the air starting to get warm... and the range dropping... I turn up the fan, and sure enough, hot air is coming out. The heater was activated.

If I do something like turn the whole system off and back on, or go auto mode (to enable the heat), and then switch it off... it will comply and turn the heat off. For a while. On a recent 45 minute commute it did this maybe 3 times. On another hour+ commute it was nice and cool for half the drive and then happened. On other drives it behaves as it should.

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