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Hi, everyone. I joined today after lurking for about a month. There's great info in these forums.

I'm suffering Bolt envy. I'd love to buy one of these cars, but total cost is a concern. NH has no purchasing incentives, and the yearly car registration fee is computed as a percentage of the MSRP.

One thing I found this evening, though, is that there's a Boston-area dealer (Quirk, in Braintree) that's offering $6100 off MSRP for Bolts. The same group has a Chevy dealer in NH that's selling Bolts at full price. Does anyone know if that $6100 discount would be available to NH residents?

Another possibility I'm thinking of is getting a cheap used ICE car, drive it for 3 years, and then see what the market is like for used Bolts when they start coming off-lease.

Thanks to everyone for the great info here, and I hope I may add to that mix.
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