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Hello from North Carolina

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Took delivery of my Cajun Red 2017 Bolt Premier on August 11, 2017. Ordered it in February '17. Loving it! :) We also have a 2017 Volt that we got in mid-2016. Loving it, too! :)

We have a ChargePoint 240v EVSE Level 2 charger, plug-in type with 25 foot charge cord. We originally installed it for the Volt, but it also works on the Bolt. We just alternate usage. One station works just fine for both cars. I have to back the Bolt into the garage so its charge port is close enough to the charge station (25 ft cord reaches it that way), but that's a tiny inconvenience. And, with the "bird's eye view" Surround Vision cameras on the Bolt, backing into the garage is a snap! (I got the DC Fast Charge option on my Bolt, so I'm anxious to give that a try sometime. Just have to find a DC station! Not a lot of those around yet, though.)

We purchased our ChargePoint EVSE from Amazon and I installed it myself. We have a gas range and didn't need the 30A circuit for an electric range, so I just upgraded that breaker to 40A. The breaker panel is in the garage, so I only had to run wiring a few feet to install the outlet; it uses NEMA 6-50. Got all the electrical parts at Lowes.

I got the ChargePoint with a plug rather than hard-wired in case I ever wanted to move it -- just easier to simply unplug it and move. I saw in a separate post that one user plans to take his Level 2 charger with him on trips so he can plug it in at an RV park, etc. Hadn't thought of that, but that's a good idea. The ChargePoint uses the NEMA 6-50 plug, so I will probably make up a short NEMA 6-50 to NEMA 14-50 adapter cable as the 14-50 is the more common outlet that might be found "in the wild."

I highly recommend the ChargePoint EVSE; we've had it for over a year (got it when we bought the Volt) and the ChargePoint has been totally reliable. It also has a smartphone app that reminds you to plug in, tells you when the car is charged, estimates cost of electricity used for charging, has a charge station locator map, etc. Here's a link to the ChargePoint Home Electric Vehicle Charger, 32 Amp, on Amazon: Check it out!
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I installed the Siemens VersiCharge, plug-in (NEMA 6-50) model. I love it, but have no comparison experience. My total cost was $499 for EVSE, ~$40 for breaker, wire, outlet box, outlet. I also made a NEMA 6-50 to 14-50 adapter extension cord, to utilize RV hook-up sites when traveling in rural WV where there are no charging stations of any level. All the home EVSEs work about the same and are very reliable. I recommend to go with what looks and feels good (as long as you have a long-enough cord!)
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