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Help please - 2023 Bolt sitting for two months w/ no shipping update

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So I ordered a 2023 Bolt EUV (premier w/ SC and SAS) to replace our 2020 (trade/repurchase) and the 2023 was produced the first week of August. It has been at 3800 for two months and no one can give me an ETA or any explanation what the hold up is. I have over $5,000 in rental car expenses that GM says they will not reimburse until I receive my car but no one can tell me when I may receive it. Any ideas on how I can 1) Get reimbursed as a supervisor from the EV concierge team has not called me in two weeks as they promised they would and 2) get any info on what the holdup is or a very rough ETA. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this has been the most frustrating and difficult process and I'm just fed up. Thank you!!!
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1980s Soviet Kazakhstan had less rigidity, bureaucratic layers and frustration than 2022 GM ordering. My car has been sitting prepped at the dealership for 2 weeks at this point waiting for only paperwork from GM. Currently 1 week into just waiting on the MSO (essentially title before a title).

Making the wheel squeek does nothing but cause you frustration, unfortunately. If you can be patient, save your energy and just look away.
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If it makes you feel any better -- ordering a build from Kia is even more of a nightmare. It makes GM's system look high tech in comparison. With Kia you order a build, dealer submits it, Kia only looks at the order as a suggestion. Their allocation system, build system, status, it's all a mystery and no way to find out any information. Even if you order through a high volume dealer, what they actually send to that dealer is a luck of the draw type of thing where you just hope your build and your color is on the list. I've had two orders at two dealers for 6 months and no vin, no update, no nothing. There are people that "ordered" months after me already receive their cars because they ordered a more common build or were less picky on the color.

When I did a custom order for my 2017 Volt back in the day, process was full communication at each step of the way.
That's fine but Chevy is a US automaker that sells 3x as many units as Kia. You can't even get all their cars in all areas and the US is a strange and archaic market with its dealership laws. If your name is Ford, GM, Stellantis, and frankly also Honda or Toyota you deserve to be held to a much higher standard on ordering and delivering.

Especially the big three, when your language is English from the top, down, when you're operating in your own domestic market that's also the most profitable market in the world, there's no excuse. It's no longer about being too far removed from your end customer and is obviously about making every last penny possible while running everything as cheaply as possible.
This is how mine is going:

Email from dealer on 9/28:

Today won鈥檛 work. Car still needs to get prepped and we鈥檙e waiting on the new car title (MSO). Bolts often ship ahead of their documentation for reasons no one here knows.

I鈥檒l let you know when we have that.

Sales Consultant
Curry Chevrolet
My response 9/28:
Not a problem. You guys can be relaxed as you need to be about all of this, I really do appreciate you guys sticking with it. The frustrations were solely with GM and I didn't start to get frustrated until after 6 months, this has been going on for over a year now for me!

Thanks again for everything and let me know when you get the packet and when scheduling aligns.

-No response from dealer-

My response again to dealership on 10/3:
Hi XXXX - Hope everyone had a good weekend. Just checking in, are we still waiting on the MSO? Also, if we could leave the "Curry" sticker off the car that would be appreciated, thank you!

-No response from dealer-

My response again to dealership on 10/4:
Hey guys - Sorry to be a pain, do we have any kind of estimation on this? The inspection on the '21 expired on the first and needed to know what to do with that. Thanks!

-No response from dealer-

My response again to dealership on 10/5:
Guys, again however long it takes is however long it takes but I could really use an estimate. Are we talking today/tomorrow? Weeks? Months? Literally just want to know what to do with my inspection on the '21. Thanks.

-No response from dealer-

Now I open it back up to the RC, their response:
I don鈥檛 have any way to look into that. I asked my manager about it and it is true what they said, that they are waiting on the MSO, because they need that to send it for the titling aspect of the new vehicle. I鈥檓 sorry I can鈥檛 look into that part for you.
My response to RC:
Can no one answer the simple question if we're talking days or months? Again, just trying to figure out if I can leave my car for a few days in the driveway while waiting and work around it. If this is going to be a several month thing I'll just pay and get it inspected.
truly wish I could. I asked my manager that as well and since it isn鈥檛 something our department does, we don鈥檛 know the timeframe on when they send out the MSO鈥檚. It is usually pretty quick, but if they are backed up or something else, I do not know. I鈥檓 sorry.
The car arrived the week of 8/22. This never ends.
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Update on mine: MSO arrives Monday. My salesperson moved on so that was the radio silence. Close on Monday/Tuesday provided MSO actually arrives.

Really the headline with Curry is they've been accomodating through over a year of GM's nonsense. Just want to keep pointing that out cause I certainly don't want people to think I'm complaining about people who have also gotten screwed by all of this.
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