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Dear Bolt colleagues,

As many of our businesses slow down and accounting, order entry, and other functions are replaced by Solitaire, HALO, YouTube and Netflix, please consider donating part of your unused computer time to two discovery projects directed to finding vaccines against nCOV 19 or therapeutic drugs that would mitigate symptoms.

There are two computing projects that are academically supervised and non-profit:
Both projects require installing a small client on your Windows, Linux, Linux client in iOS, or Android system. The install automatically adjusts the amount of donated computing power, prioritizing your local needs (there will be no delays in streaming Containment or commenting on

Please do your due diligence. The project pages are here and give more information on the nature of the software:

With a healthcare institution, we donated approximately 15 years of computer time against cancer and HIV without feeling it. To date, our office team’s efforts have identified 10,500 cancer markers and 3,000 HIV vaccine possibilities.

While we are commenting as BOLT EV drivers, we can still contribute with just our idle computer time!
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