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I have put my Hilltop Reserve setting to "ON." And, only achieved 176 miles of range at 100% charge, 2X in a row. What's going on?
It's cool and rainy. And you may have been doing a lot of freeway driving?

The range estimate is based on recent driving behavior, and will vary greatly with conditions and driving habits. Lots of short trips, freeway driving, use of heat, rain, snow, cold temps, AC use, "fun" driving vs economical, etc. will all impact range available.

The EPA range is based on some set test cycles performed in laboratory conditions. Most people can easily beat that range in mild temps driving conservatively. The flip side is the variables listed above will result in available range decreasing.

ICE vehicles are affected as well, but people tend not to notice as they look at the fuel gauge instead of "miles to empty".
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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