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Hitch & bike rack

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I installed a Torklift Central Ecohitch to be used with a Kuat Transfer 3 hitch-mount bike rack. Seems to work great!

The Ecohitch instructions were quite good. It seems to be a very solid hitch. It folds up for storage, and folds down at an angle to allow the hatch to open.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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This is exactly my worry. The OP had a different hitch (Torklift) and a picture holding three bikes on rack.

The Curt seems to have the least support of the three hitches I know about (Curt, Torklift, and Draw-Tite). I believe I read that some of the first Curt only were rated for 100lbs, instead of the more standard 200lbs rating for Class 1.

Does the OP have more time/experience hauling three bikes?

Can anyone comment on the quality/strength of the different hitches?

I installed the Draw-Tite Class I on my Bolt LT. It's a 1-1/4" receiver rated for 200/2,000 lb loads.

Two reasons I selected this product:
1. Ease of installation - No bumper parts need to be removed. Just unfasten the forward edge of the under-bumper trim panel for easier access.
2. The receiver mounts to the lower bumper bolts AND the underbody framework. To me, that is a sturdier way to support the up-down loads on the hitch (tongue weight) as opposed to only using the bumper mount bolts.

This setup works very well for towing my Waverunner. I would think it would work just as well for the bike racks since it would tend to brace better against the "bike bounce".
Per California's remark, that does look like a good choice if you actually want to tow. And still no drill.

"Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class I - 1-1/4"

Given the Bolt's general characteristics it seems reasonable to think that a 1.25" hitch will do fine for the kind of towing one might do. And 1.25" weighs a lot less.
In another thread, I commented on the Draw-Tite 24956. Works well for my needs. I only tow 4 miles to the launch ramp, max speed 45-50mph. Very solid setup for towing light loads.


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That's a pretty sleek setup. Even better w/ all-electric jet ski!

Come to think of it, charging a jet ski from an EV's bigger battery might one day be a thing.

All-electric personal watercraft launch for quieter lake journeys
Thanks! The worst part about this setup is having to go back to a gas station... aaarrrgghhhh!
Shorten those chains bro! Let's not start any fires, please.
If you're referring to my Bolt towing the waverunner, that was a pic from the first day I brought it home. I've since made a few modifications including shortening the safety chains.

Sorry if I frightened you, but there is nothing in this wasteland called Arizona that will catch fire anyway.
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