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So, finally got around to putting my gti up for sale. Figured I'd better go get gas, and take it to work once or twice to get the rust off the brakes (hasn't moved since I got my bolt this summer) before ppl come to test drive. And..
sweet mother of god, do I ever miss that car. Don't get me wrong, I like the bolt, and after waiting since 2017 for ev prices to fall / my wealth to grow, I will never switch back to ice, but holy crap, is it ever nice to get back into a "driver's car". Trip around the block to get gas took ~ 1/2hr, thanks to general hooliganism.

It's not about power either, the bolt and gti are essentially dead even 0-60.. but it is literally everything else. The handling, the stiffness of and feedback from the steering, bolsters that protrude farther from the seatback than I do.. H*ll, not a lot of cars put a mechanical handbrake in cars these days, and I put mine to good use that trip, despite only parking once. ;)

Now I get, the bolt wasn't made to be that car, but for at least the 2017-2019 versions, they are really far from it. I'm curious, all you 2020+ (especially the 2022) owners, do the newer models get any less like riding on top of a pretty darn fast refrigerator?

Don't get me wrong, I'm here for quite a while. I love that chevy was one of the first to do what they did (take musk's specs for the model 3, make it a little less good, and a lot more available) so early on. But I could definitely see me changing teams down the road to a couple year old ID.X (electron fueled gti) if the bolt stays as is.

Let me finish on a positive though.. Yesterday right at closing, I get to chevy dealer to pick up the bolt w some fresh blizzaks on the factory rims. I'm the last customer, and the service techs are getting outside as I do. Pulling out of the lot, I decide to get a little squirrely (I mean the tires did look like they had a little too much tread on them, and I had an audience) to the amusement and grins of said service techs.

No doubt enjoying the job security my future tire purchases will bring. :)

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Went from a 2008 VW Rabbit to a Volt - big change! 2020 Bolt Premier is a lot of fun but not the drivers car exactly although a lot of fun. Best drivers car I’ve had was a1991 BMW 318iS! Best balanced car I’ve had. started riding motorcycles so car became secondary. Most of the time my Volt stayed in the garage while I rode my Kawasaki ZX6R 636 to work. If it was raining or below 30 in the morning I would drive the Volt.

Bolt has put the fun of driving back into driving. It’s fun to spin the OEM tires. I’ve got a rear sway bar for the Bolt but waiting till after battery replacement before installing.
I’ve had one for years along with the Ross-Tech software. Really nice way to do stuff to you VW. Every now and again I’ll have to dig it out to read codes on my daughters 2008 Rabbit. It is one of the best programs around, I’ve used the Ford equivalent and have looked at the Bolt and Volt a bit with a more generic tool. My son used the Ford Forescan tool to add change the radio and display on his Focus ST to the latest version with CarPlay.

On my BMW motorcycle had a box that plugged into the CANBUS and used data from it so that I could do things like have an aux brake light that would flash 4 times before going solid. It would also turn off the driving light on the side of an activated turn signal so that the turn signal would be easier to see - also a change in lighting that would get folks attention which is important when riding a motorcycle. Haven’t found anything like it for my current motorcycle.

Changes and mods like this are really nice and allow folks to customize their vehicle in unique ways. Yes some could abuse it but most don’t.
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