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Hot weather charging/EA hot cord fault

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I had parked my 2019 bolt in Mesa for about ten days while I was traveling. Got to the car around midnight, 102 degrees still. High for the day was around 117. Drove 4 miles to the ea charger and spent about twenty minutes trying to start a charge.

Initially the app wasn’t recognizing that my car was plugged in, when it did the charger kicked me off after initiating the charge. After moving to a different charger it initiated a charge and kicked me off again with a ‘charge cord temp’ error. Eventually, turning off the car and swiping the credit card a few more times allowed me to charge.

I was charging from 24% according to the station on a 150kw charger. Peak rate was 48kw on the charger and about 38kw displayed on the dash with and without the ac running in the cabin.

I was wondering if anyone else had seen this behavior at a charging station especially given the heatwave right now. I figure the coolant inside the cord was too hot and initiating the charge a few times allowed it to circulate around the system a little.
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From watching Kyle Conner do Tesla video's, he commonly wraps a wet rag around the charging handle on Tesla superchargers in hot weather to provide evaporative cooling to avoid slow charging or no charging... I wonder if that would work for us on EA stations? I just got back from a trip to Chandler AZ, peak temps are a nightmare in the summer there... last trip we took was in November, I think that will be our future trip month for that area of the country :)

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