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How can you convince OnStar to give you remote diagnostics?

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My car is in the shop and I see a "Service Lithium Ion battery" on the app, but OnStar has played games with me 3 times (even transferring me to EV Concierge who said only OnStar can do it!) asking for the codes and then said it's "security policy" to not provide them. But I know Bolt owners here have been able to press a button in their car that calls OnStar to get these codes. Any ideas barring going to the shop and plugging my own OBD adapter in? Jeez...

What security advantage could anyone gain from learning OBD diagnostic codes? I don't get it. I just want to know if the shop did something like disconnect the battery or if the battery or coolant or something actually have a real problem.
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After a few hours, it went back to normal! I guess the moral is that you should just not use myChevrolet app while it's being serviced... could drive you crazy!

I still think OnStar being resistant to offering any codes or details about "Service Lithium Ion Battery" is dumb. I don't see what is different about calling them versus pressing a button in your car that calls them. The website's monthly report shows you 4 subcategories of Lithium Ion Battery status. Why not the app?
Never actually did it - but read/heard people getting codes for free from any Auto Zone.
The same way they'll test you battery or alternator for free - supposedly you can ask them
to plug in their OBD2 reader.

Not sure if they still do this. Or, if they'll have any objections if your car is an EV.
Yeah, I would prefer to use my own OBD2 reader, but I don't have physical access to the car. Thought OnStar could help me. Shop guy said they did some OBD diagnostic runs earlier or something but didn't provide any details.
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