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It will limit the top of the battery to 80%, but remove GM's recommendations about leaving 70 miles (roughly 30%) at the bottom, parking outside, etc.

It should not affect your efficiency. If you follow GM's recommendations, it will add about 20% of usable battery (80% to 0% vs. 90% to 30%). If you ignore GM's recommendations, it will reduce about 20% of useable battery (80% to 0% vs. 100% to 0%).

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<grin>, thanks for clearing that up for me. The way it looks, if you follow the guidelines (which I don't), you were getting 80% battery before the fix and 80% after the fix. You are just running at a lower charge state after the fix. The Bolt charges faster when the battery is at lower charge (or so I hear). But, I think what I'm going to do is wait for the new Battery upgrades because when I do a longer trip, I turn off Hilltop and fully charge the battery as much as it will hold.
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