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I spend way to much time in my Bolt, so on the drive today I was trying to figure out how we could figure out battery degradation. I am at the 30,000 km mark and the average Tesla showed about 4% degradation at this point.

The only way I could figure out how to calculate it was to do the following. Each green bar should represent 3 kWh since there are 20 of them and we supposedly have a full 60 kWh battery to use. We also have an energy used and miles driven on the home screen. For each green bar we should see 3 kWh used on the main screen. However I was seeing about 2.8 kWh for each green bar used. For 5 green bars I got 14.1 kWh instead of the 15 kWh. If that is true for the entire battery that means I have seen about 5 to 6% battery degradation for the first 30,000 km driven.

This may not be completely accurate since I don't know if the kWh used on the home screen is an accurate number. Lower temperatures also may play a role here. When they test the battery capacity they usually use about 70 degrees F. Colder temperatures now may not allow the battery to charge fully to 60 kWh. The other thing is that we may not be getting the full 60 kWh battery to use. They may not allow us to use 2 to 3 kWh to protect the battery.
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