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We have repaired more than 380 EV Chargers and have a 95% success rate. Based on our experience we have developed some FREE simple J1772 Repair Instructions. See the following

EVSE/J1772 Theory of Operation, Schematic & Testing - EV Doc Bulletin - EVSE & J1772 Handle Test Instructions

EVSE/J1772 Tester - EVSE J1772 Tester & Simulator Product Specification,
Here is the Schematic for the J1772 Tester -

J1772 Handle replacement can be challenging. You need a 100W soldering Iron. J1772 Handle Repair Instructions - EV Bulletin - J1772 EV Charger Handle Repair

J1772 Cable Repair w/sealing instructions - EVBulletin - J1772 Cable Repair w/ Sealing Instructions

We offer free help with EV Charger Repair. ‘EV Drivers Save the Planet’
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