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Illuminated Charging Port

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Hi y'all,

Just got the illuminated charging port installed by dealer. I know there are aftermarket options, but I would prefer the OEM one since it looks much "native" on the Bolt EUV. Since installing it requires drills and detach of left front wheel (wtf??) it's just not realistic for me to install it by myself, so the labor charge ($112.5) sounds fair enough. (allegedly took 2hrs for them, can't confirm)

Here's the picture of this ICP. No need to plug it in with being unable to align the handle with the port in the dark anymore!

Green Peripheral Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire
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The pushbutton activated glowing dog collar thing works pretty well for me, for those who want the utility at a low cost.
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And for that matter who needs a doormat, just take off your shoes before coming inside. I never need to wear shoes in the house.
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