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The exchange is ugly. It's vicious double sided tape and delicate little clips. I tried but destructive removal seems to be the only way. Solvent is a no-no, or at least anything fast, since the black trim pieces that the badge sits in is ABS plastic, on the inside anyways, and does NOT like sticker remover. You might get away with isopropyl / ethyl alcohol soak, but it's going to be a long shot, and plus all the text and chrome of the badge is assembled with double stock tape too. Just rip them out.

Of course remove the black section of trim from the vehicle first. This is done by loosening the M7 hex screw that's located under the hood and then gently popping the trim off. There are lots of those little body attachment pegs and it's entirely possible that you'll break something if you are beastly about it. Then just push the badge off from the back and do your best not to completely destroy it and then scrape the old adhesive off and put the new one in. The actual trim pieces if you want to get the whole black piece are well north of $80 a pop plus shipping. Times two.

I see this work as something that's going to pay off long term. There's no way that GM is going to be able to redeem the Bolt name to anybody who believes that they're a true fire hazard. We'll just have to wait until the Chevy Jolt comes out with the Ultium batteries. Yeah that's right they're going to name it something just as stupid, don't worry.
'Preciate your explanation, cautions, and pix!
Maybe I'll get lucky and the battery will just melt those fender logos off.
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