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I use my car for ridesharing so this may be more important to me than some, but the rear seatbelt buckles tend to disappear into the seat cushions. This "scared turtle" effect frustrates those riding in the back seat.

Red Seat belt Vehicle Car seat cover Car

So I picked up a couple of packages of collars, or what they call holders. One brand worked better than the other. The black colored holders were sized right to live below the buckle, but were a bit loose fitting for the Bolt's buckles. In time it looked like the holder would slip off.

Seat belt Auto part Car seat Belt Armrest

The orange brand fit tighter and had a better overall design, with a tapered end that is inserted first. The relief makes it harder for the collar to pull off.

Red Seat belt Orange Auto part Material property

These orange babies fit very tight, and I learned the trick is to use a spot of saliva around the inside, and put the clasp into the buckle so that you have something to pull against as you force the collar down over the buckle.

On the left side there are of course two buckles. There really isn't enough clearance to place a collar over both buckles, and even if you do get them on, the left passenger's buckle pushes so far toward the door that the average butt sort of sits on the buckle. That leaves the passenger thinking that the center buckle is for them, which is of course wrong. I ended up placing just the other orange collar on the left passenger buckle, which when pushed down as far as it would go actually acted as a retainer for the center buckle. This is good because it is the center buckle that most suffers the scared turtle effect.

Red Orange Vehicle Car

I'll be trying this config out for a couple of weeks to see if it either solves the problem, or creates new ones.



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I use the orange ones with my kid's booster, since the seat belts liked to just slip further down into the seats and hide.

Work great.

Instead of saliva, for those of you who happen to have it, cable lube (or... uh... the very similar equivalent for extra curricular activities) works great. Cable lube is designed such that once the water evaporates, it doesn't... lube much. Perfect for this without leaving weird crime scene licks on stuff.

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Ha ha. I am a little south of there. In a metallic gray one. But I've seen a few Bolts used for ridesharing. Including sporting the special carpool lane stickers from the Bay Area.

Ridesharing with the Bolt has turned out to be a remarkable platform for evangelizing about the wonderfulness of EVs. A constant opportunity to dispel myths (don't you need a new battery every once in a while?), answer the obligatory questions of range, time to charge, and cost of charging, and goose the gas pedal a bit during the ride to impress about the superiority of EVs. I preach the religion of electric cars so often I may be required soon to wear a collar. ;>

PS - No. Not one of those collars. Those collars (on the seat belts) have worked out splendidly though.
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