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Installed front mud flaps on Bolt

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I bought a front set of mud flaps for my Tesla from Tesla, but they only sell front ones. So, I had to order a second set (of 4) from a third party vendor on Amazon to secure rear flaps. After installing the rear flaps on the Tesla I got thinking it would be a good idea to order some mud flaps for the Bolt since my wife often comes home with mud splattered across the sides of the car. When I went online to order a set I discovered nobody makes mud flaps for Bolts. I guess so few Bolts have been sold there just isn't enough of a market for them. Since I had the unused Tesla front mud flaps I decided to see how they might work on the Bolt. Fortunately, they were a close fit and with just a half inch cut at the radius in an area that can't be seen they fit like they were made for the car. The entire set of front and rear were only $28, so it was a bargain
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I bought a set of flat universal mud flaps for my 2017 I used the factory mounting clips that were on the car to mount them.
They worked OK but they didn't catch everything, these look like they would work much better, I put a few sets of these soft rubber flaps on my few cadllacs that belong to my friends.

These look great on your car, thanks for posting a solution to my problem
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