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Interesting Day w/ the Bolt Today

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Maybe it's the nice sunny day; everybody seemed to be in a good mood. Bought our 2021 Bolt from Mayse in MO a few weeks ago. The only thing added to the advertised price was an "admin. fee" of $200. This included dealer doc fee, title and temp registration. But for the state of MO. Made and appointment w/ NJ MVC 2 weeks ago to transfer title and get registration.

Today was that day. I was half an hour late; but had all my paperwork filled out already from their online forms. Was there maybe half an hour total? Title transfer($60) + I transferred old plates & registration from our 2017 Bolt($5) = $65 in total. No sales tax for EV's. Wasn't planning on it; but saw the sign for the Inspection Station. Passed by real quick; saw that there was only 1 person in line. Asked the employee if he can help. Had a 5 year inspection sticker in 5 minutes. No fee.

Schumacher Chevy in Livingston is on the way home; they have free L2 & DCFC(25kW) charging. Decided to stop by even though I still had 100 mile range and would have made it home easily. Have charged here in the past a few times. Today was the 1st time that I'm charging; and they are open. Went to the parts dept to ask for a center cap for my Cruze ECO spare wheel. Was told nobody in the whole state had it in stock. Also that it was $43(+ sales tax). I told the guy I paid $75 for my used rim; yeah the cap is a bit scratched. Even though he didn't made a sale parts dude was very helpful; even gave me the part number I needed. Then I got some of their free espresso while I catched up on my emails & texts. Used the bathroom on my way out. I was there maybe 40 minutes; added 50 miles to the car.

Want to thank Schumacher Chevrolet of Livingston again for providing free chargers! All the staff are super friendly and helpful! From the service area, to parts dept, and sales people. Special thanks to Youtube celebrity Dave B for his help. He's also a sales guy there. :)
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Great job in finding your 2021. I hope it gives you all the joy you expected and tons of reasonably priced transportation. I love mine!
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