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There's been some information posted about swapping the interior lights out of the bolt, but I thought I'd contribute a bit further with information that I could not find easily.

There are 5 interior bulbs, all of them are 194 size wedge-based bulbs.

I started at the rear, and the only tool I used for the swap is an interior trim tool similar to this:

Trunk bulb was simple, place the tool at the edge of the lens and gently pry. Voila, Done!

The passenger cabin overhead bulbs are also a snap. Place your trim tool between the clear lens and the grey plastic surround, put gentle pressure and pry the clear lens down, you'll see the small tabs holding it in place if you look. Clear plastic pops off and bulbs are easily swapped.

I was concerned about the map lights as I had seen posts that people were taking the overhead console off to reach them...this is NOT necessary! The clear lens is held in up front by two hinge tabs and a large tab closer to the center of the cabin. Using your pry tool again, gently put pressure at the large tab to release it from the grey trim, once you have that tab out, you can pull gently straight down on the rest of the lens to remove it.

The license plate lights are 2 194 wedge-based bulbs also.

I purchased this kit off of amazon:

However, the bulbs are just as bright as the stock ones, so I will be trying a few from
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