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Intermittent Headlight - < 7000 miles/5 mos

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Driver side. Didn’t work this a.m. (in the dark), but was just fine this afternoon in the garage.
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Dealer should be reasonably expected to fix this under warranty . . . Wouldn’t you think?
No one at the dealership, nor on this forum, has had any experience with this completely random failure. It has continued randomly for the last two 1/2 weeks. There is no pattern that I can discern; sun position, time, temp, location, etc.

Two hours after I dropped it off, dealership calls to say that GM has had some prior experience and they recommend changing the fuse box. Yep, the entire thing. Whatever! I'll let you know if it works.

OBTW: covered under warranty
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Update: Took it in to the dealer on 15Jul. Got it back 23Jul. Not fixed!

GM recommended to change the fuse box - the first action to remedy! A day of chasing parts, day to install, weekend, call to inform me it didn't work.

Next GM recommendation was to change the 'ballast'. Another series of days to chase parts/install, and again another phone call to inform me that this time it worked - but it really didn't. When I got the car home, it didn't work. 13 hrs later in my garage, it worked fine. Still completely random!

Will induct into the GM warranty repair process again next week. More when I know it!
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I forgot to mention that you do not want a bad headlight. To get to the ballast which resides under the headlight assembly, they had to separate the forward portion of the fender and the front bumper; and remove the headlight. We're talking whole panel movement just to access the headlight assembly.

Don't get a job repairing Bolts, they are a b*@ch to work on!
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Well, after 3 weeks and two separate dealer appointments - (per GM recommendations) the dealer changed the Fuse Box as the first maint action. That didn't work!

Next, GM recommends changing the ballast. After dislodging my fender and bumper to remove the whole headlight assembly, that didn't work!

GM recommends change the HID bulb itself. Imagine that! Really? It worked! They did not have to loosen the fender/bumper for this. They were able to get to the 'Headlamp Bulb Access Port' by only removing the wheel-well lining.

Hope this helps someone!
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The order of maint' on the replacement parts appears to have been dictated by their retail DEALER price for the replacement parts. Fuse Box ~ $145 Ballast ~ $165 HID ~ $190 without regard to the amount of labor hours involved. That's how the service advisor explained it to me!
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