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Is it safe to drive?

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Hello, just seeking some clarity on safety of driving 2017 Bolt with Propulsion Power is Reduced message combined with it not charging. (If you plug in, it immediately says it is fully charged and it is not.)

We have an appointment with the dealer Thursday but do not know if we should have it towed down or drive it down. It is a 15 minute drive, first down a steep hill (30 km speed limit), then along a level surface (60 km speed limit). We could go quite late at night to avoid heavy traffic.

Dealer says have it towed. Of course, we would rather not have to fuss with all that.

I have read various postings about this error but there seem to be multiple causes.

So what do you all think? Safe to drive or not?

Many thanks,
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Well, for ease of it - call them to bring a truck and take the car from you.

But, me being me - I would drive it. If it has enough juice - why not drive it?

Or, if the dealer says - tow it, tell them - send a car for me. Period. Do not arrange towing yourself as if any damage takes place during pulling the car on the platform or anything like that - you will be left if a big mess to clean up.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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