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It's not just ICE vehicles that block

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Running an errand at lunch today, I stopped at the local Target, which has a few (free, for 2 hours) ChargePoint L2 chargers. When I left, the app said there were some open.

I got there to find 4 CP spots, and the last had just been filled. The rightmost spot was a Tesla.

Here's the thing. Down the row from the CP L2 chargers were about twice as many Tesla charger spots, mostly vacant. Across the row were 3-4x more Tesla charger spots, also mostly empty.

The words that I used to describe that Tesla driver are not fit for family publication.
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Are Tesla drivers not "entitled" to the parking spot and charging benefit?

The point of installing the spots in the first place wasn't charity, or to solve logistics problems for EV owners; it was to attract affluent customers in the hope that they will spend money. Another reason is to convey a "green" image to boost the perception of being socially responsible.

What percent of people absolutely depend on L2 charging to complete their trip? 1%? Hardly anyone is brave or foolish enough to depend on free L2 charging to complete their trips, so the whole concept is mostly a gimmick to begin with.

I don't doubt that some people are more considerate than others, and I'm not saying people should be selfish. What I'm saying is that whenever free stuff is offered, we're inviting poor behavior and abuse of the benefit. That's human nature; not Teslarati nature.

I stayed at the Flamingo once (my first and last experience with Priceline), and the parking structure was full except about 8 charging spots. It was within my right to park there in my Prius Plug-in, but instead I parked in the employee lot far away, out in the sun. Probably nobody used those spots since all of them were empty (and EVs were pretty rare in 2015). I'm not a Prius driver, I'm an individual that drives a Prius (among many other vehicles). My behavior isn't that of a Prius owner, it's that of myself alone.
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If people only used free L2 when they absolutely needed it to complete their trip, they would very rarely get used. So, our arguments about who is entitled to use them is mostly arbitrary based on hypothetical worst case scenario need, and assuming we know something about others which we do not.

If a Prius Prime was charging, can we assume that person doesn't need the charge? How do we know they didn't run out of gasoline and pulled in running on battery alone (I've done it 3 times in the Prius)? Their need to charge then would be equal to anyone else not able to complete their trip without charging.

Can we assume that an EV charging at a free spot absolutely needs that charge to complete their trip?

Believe me, I get frustrated when people abuse free stuff too. In the case of free EV charging, I can easily see why any number of people would take advantage of it. The rule is first-come-first-serve, and they are abiding by that.
Although you didn't specifically respond to me, I assume you are, given that I brought up the Prius Prime.
It was a stream of thought inspired by your comments and remembering other conversations we've had on the forum regarding etiquette and loathing of "those people".

Tesla drivers aren't malevolent, and Bolt drivers aren't saints. Inconsiderate people are inconsiderate, and they own a variety of things. Perhaps there's some case to make that Tesla owners tend to be more vain, and therefore are narcissistic, but it would be hard to prove and not particularly interesting since a Tesla owner can be any number of things.
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Fair enough, but what percentage is that?

It doesn't solve the problem of determining if someone is taking advantage of an opportunity to charge, or is relying on that charge to complete their trip.
@redpoint5 example of passing by several open EV charging spots with the plug in Prius seems so bizarre to me.

Once the spots are better utilized, I get it, but to leave them empty just seems so strange.
The thing is, this was at a hotel, and I figured some people might be relying on charging overnight to complete their trip, so I didn't want any possibility of preventing that even though none of the ~8 spots were taken. In hindsight, I should have occupied one of those spots since they weren't used and it was in the hotel I was staying at. Then again, I was so impressed that nobody had ICEd the spots despite a full garage, that I didn't want people to mistake my Prius for a pure ICE and be socialized into thinking it's ok to ICE EV spots.
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