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It's not just ICE vehicles that block

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Running an errand at lunch today, I stopped at the local Target, which has a few (free, for 2 hours) ChargePoint L2 chargers. When I left, the app said there were some open.

I got there to find 4 CP spots, and the last had just been filled. The rightmost spot was a Tesla.

Here's the thing. Down the row from the CP L2 chargers were about twice as many Tesla charger spots, mostly vacant. Across the row were 3-4x more Tesla charger spots, also mostly empty.

The words that I used to describe that Tesla driver are not fit for family publication.
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In my experience, Tesla drivers are the worst at this. The next step below them is Prius Prime drivers.
Just one data point, the six chargers at my workplace:
  • Nissan Leaf always parked in a charging space but never charging
  • Tesla Model 3 sometimes parked in a charging space and never charging
  • Chevy Volt sometimes parked in the charging space and sometimes not charging
  • Prius Prime sometimes parked, always charges but never unplugs when finished (unplugged me to plug himself in once)
  • Tesla Model S rarely parked, never charging

Moral of this data point is that there are equal opportunity EV-holes here. We have at least 5 or 6 Teslas here and they used to block the charging spots when the chargers weren't being utilized much, but they've started parking in the regular spaces once the chargers began to be more heavily used.
Maybe people think they're like handicap spots. Well this is an EV...I'll park here. Not quite grasping that it's for *charging* said EV.
The spots are very close to the entrance, and I'm afraid that many of the EV drivers who park here and don't charge are doing it for the preferential parking.

I'm trying to work with the facilities people here to put up some signage that says "EV charging, not EV parking" or something similar.

If that doesn't work, I'm afraid those of us who follow the rules of etiquette will have no recourse. Unfortunately, security here is pretty toothless, they can only leave a strongly-worded note on your car.
1 - 2 of 54 Posts
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