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It's not just ICE vehicles that block

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Running an errand at lunch today, I stopped at the local Target, which has a few (free, for 2 hours) ChargePoint L2 chargers. When I left, the app said there were some open.

I got there to find 4 CP spots, and the last had just been filled. The rightmost spot was a Tesla.

Here's the thing. Down the row from the CP L2 chargers were about twice as many Tesla charger spots, mostly vacant. Across the row were 3-4x more Tesla charger spots, also mostly empty.

The words that I used to describe that Tesla driver are not fit for family publication.
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In my experience, Tesla drivers are the worst at this. The next step below them is Prius Prime drivers.
Worst at what exactly?
Charging for free when they have available pay as you go charging? Count me in as one of them. When time allows, I have plugged into a level 2 charger and there's a Tesla supercharger on site, completely empty.
Maybe you meant worst in that no other brand that has a choice of chargers, chooses the free ones first. Although, there's not a lot of competition there as so far, Tesla is the only brand that can do that.
Or did you mean no other brand seems to take a charging spot yet not plug in? Now that if true is despicable, I agree. Can't say that I've seen it though. When you do, take a photo and post it here.
This one seems to be specific to Tesla but there's an i3 also.
BTW, Tesla's aren't immune from being blocked either.
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Sorry, I should have been more specific. They are the worst about parking in front of chargers and either not using them, or leaving them there long after they are done charging (despite others waiting, and ample opportunities to move). Tesla drivers just seem entitled.

There are also a bunch of destination chargers (granted, sponsored by Tesla) with L2 Tesla connectors at J1772s. I've seen Tesla drivers intentionally use the J1772 when both Tesla connectors are available. If that's not done out of spite, then I don't know why else they would inconvenience themselves with the adapter.
I agree completely then. They make us all look bad. The only thing I can imagine on your last point is maybe the destination chargers were full when they arrived but I will certainly keep a lookout for that kind of behavior as I'm embarrassed as a Tesla owner that this seems to be a profile none of us want associated with our ride. It's truly baffling as I think the destination chargers are faster than a typical Level 2, between 8kW-16kW. charger&zoom=8&location=dc18822

When I got my first BEV 4 years ago, I had little fortune cookie sized slips of paper with a polite message about not blocking an EV space with an ICE. I remember one instance where I had just slipped it under the wiper as the truck owner and wife were approaching. As I explained it to him in person, he seemed annoyed and not at all apologetic. It wasn't worth my time to engage any further as I would be wasting my breath at best and end up in jail at worst. I've since realized to let nature run it's course and eventually, the adoption shift will organically lessen the infractions in my "glass half full" outlook.
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If people have the opportunity to charge for free or pay, most people will take the free. The problem here is free charging. My wife had 70% charge and decided to use the malls free level 2 charger. It was by Xmas and she did it for a parking spot. When she told me I got pretty upset. I told her that we didn't need to charge and some people depend on that being open.

I think all level 2 chargers should charge a minimal fee to avoid issues like this. My work charges $0.15 a kWh and I appreciate it. If I ever need to charge at work because of a situation, I know that at least one will be open because it is not free.
I think yours' and Redpoint's comment of a token charge especially if not "sponsored" by a retail establishment hits the nail on the head. I've plugged in at my local grocers plugs when I certainly didn't "need" the charge and once in a while, I will have taken the last spot of 3. They are not conveniently located so if the weather's bad or I'm feeling lazy, I will just park closer to the door. This discussion does make me think more about not plugging in if it's not necessary especially when I'm only getting $.25 worth of juice and it's the last spot. Point being, if there was even a $.25 plug-in fee, I wouldn't use them, probably ever. I'm never there long enough to recoup the fee.
I charged at the EVGo/EA charger in the outlet mall in Leesburg Va. last weekend. There was a beautiful Red Tesla S sitting comfortably in one of the three charging spots. I don鈥檛 who people that do this think they are fooling. Anyone vaguely familiar with EV鈥檚 is going to know the Teslas can鈥檛 charge there even if there was a cable 鈥渃onnected鈥 to the car. Jerks will be jerks regardless of what they drive. At least I was able to charge, the last time I was there all 3 bays were ICE鈥檇.

As an aside, the few chargers around here that I鈥檝e looked used to be EVGo and now are marked with EVGo and EA. Did EA buy some or all of the EVGo network?
All Tesla's can charge on J1772's. That's how we charge at home. Superchargers/Tesla destination chargers are a unique handleset protocol. Now if a bolt was parked at a supercharger, that would be a jerk.
Now if it were a CCS charger then yes, he would be a jerk. I do expect an adapter for the CCS chargers though in the near future similar to Europe.
There are Tesla charger adapters for use on my Bolt? And BTW we love are Bolt. If there were more available charge stations we would take it on longer trips.
Maybe not for what you think. The TeslaTap and Jdapter discussed here,

Are meant to be used at Tesla Destination Chargers charger&zoom=5

These are level 2 chargers and the program is intended to attract patrons to the establishments that host them and in return, Tesla foots the bill of supply and install to increase their exposure to long distance travel convenience beyond the Supercharger network.

Depending on where you are, yes, there is a concern about traveling outside your 120 mile circle of comfort. Bolt owners do it all the time though, just depends on your level of adventure.:)
I find this to be the best route planning app that may also help.
It seems to work better for me in Google Chrome.
Happy travels.
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