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It's not just ICE vehicles that block

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Running an errand at lunch today, I stopped at the local Target, which has a few (free, for 2 hours) ChargePoint L2 chargers. When I left, the app said there were some open.

I got there to find 4 CP spots, and the last had just been filled. The rightmost spot was a Tesla.

Here's the thing. Down the row from the CP L2 chargers were about twice as many Tesla charger spots, mostly vacant. Across the row were 3-4x more Tesla charger spots, also mostly empty.

The words that I used to describe that Tesla driver are not fit for family publication.
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Well it's 10 more steps to go ALL the way over from the Tesla chargers donchaknow.
Would you hike that? Huh? Would ya?
  • Tesla Model S rarely parked, never charging

So like he's driving around all the time with solar panels on board working while the self-driving drives?


Maybe people think they're like handicap spots. Well this is an EV...I'll park here. Not quite grasping that it's for *charging* said EV.
1 - 2 of 54 Posts
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