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I just got back from a week in the Twin Cities. The Bolt handled the traveling like a champ. I had gotten the charge down a couple times to the point where the Bolt started with the reminders to charge her soon. The hotel I stayed at in the Twin Cities was right down the street from a Hy-Vee with ChargePoint level 2s and I was able to charge up there several times. I also located a couple DC fast chargers and was able to charge with them a couple times. Yeah those fast chargers cost $, but I'm not complaining since I would have had to have paid more in gas.

I stopped in Decorah, Iowa last night. They have a new Fairfield Inn there, and that has a ChargePoint, so I was able to get a full charge overnight and then have more than enough to get home without recharging. I highly recommend that Fairfield, even though it costs a bit more than the other hotels. Being able to charge completely full made it totally worth it, and I think that Fairfield will be my regular Decorah Hotel going forward.

(I did stop in West Union, Iowa for a bit to see where their level 2 was located and to use it for a few minutes just to show the station owner that it's being used).
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